Easy and affordable, bespoke solution delivery over smart phone or other smart devices. Farmneed enables, farmers’ access to finance, bespoke information on weather, disease, crop management. The simple app also enables farmers’ access to right input and creates market access. Farmneed is available in vernacular languages.

Tech for all

Not everyone has a smart phone. They too can ‘Access’ all the services that we deliver through smart phone. Digital Kiosks are installed at strategic locations to support all. We have our team at Kiosk to assist farmer.

Get more, do more.
No matter how far we are ..

Meeting people is a challenge but talking over from remote distance is not. Our tech ensures live video call between farmer & experts, remote training involving many or important information broadcasting over live video event.

Smart buy …

Farmer buys the necessary input, insurance etc. using Farmneed, seating at home at preferential price. Products are delivered at no extra cost. Thanks to our institutional partners.

for industry

Machine learning is the key to access data on crop health, growth and harvest information around the globe. Very high-resolution areal data is generated over agri land mass and analysed further to determine crop health, anomaly and many more at both micro and macro scale. These ensures better and targeted response capabilities for institutions like Agri Lenders & insurer, Agri Processors or Large Agri Traders, agri Input Co. or even for Government.

Crop Traceability

Ensuring farm to market traceability against every crop. Crop’s geo location, cultivation information, chemical use data, harvest information, all this valuable information is shared to the supply chain via QR code/xml/JSON etc.

A social enterprise
working on safe yet
sustainable practices

Deliver a process that ensures only need based use of pesticide under specified does, in order to minimize chemical residue in food. While process driven practices reduce the exploitation of natural resource including water and soil. Farmer makes more money by saving crop and input.

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